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I’ve been applying for this job for over a month now.  I’ve never known a Bus Company to take so long over recruiting drivers, Especially ones who already have a Bus licence like myself. Anywhere else i’ve been the whole process has been carried out in a couple of days and your Route Learning before the end of the first week… Well not here! LOL

I travelled down four weeks ago for a ‘Maths and English Assessment’.  Basically some basic sums for working out change to give passengers and a few Highway Code Questions.  All the questions were multiple choice so were quite easy, We had 30 minutes it total for both tests, So I thought that the guy would mark them and straight after and then tell us if we had progressed to an Interview.  This didn’t happen, We were told to go back home, It was all over for today and we will be notified by post!!

I couldn’t believe it.  They could have been marked in 10 minutes, but there you go.  A few days later I get a letter from them saying I had passed and was invited for an interview the next Monday, So this has been a week now since the tests.  Once again I travel down there expecting it to be more than an interview, and to be told yay or nay on if I had passed.  But again the same happened, I was told I would be Notified by Post in the next day or two.  A week passed and I assumed I hadn’t got it, But got a letter on the following Tuesday to say I passed and will now need to have a Driving Assessment, Basically a mini driving test in a bus to make sure I don’t trow passengers around or drive into a wall or something.

It just all seems such a waste of time when it could all be done in a day, I can’t see any advantage of dragging it out like this, and doesn’t do me any favours as i’m unemployed and could do with a wage as soon as possible.

I’ve been worrying the past week or so that I wouldn’t be able to go away for the weekend in a fortnights time as I was so short of Money, Infact so short I haven’t gone out in the car, so that I don’t have to fill it up LOL.  But i’ve been selling some stuff thats beensitting round the house for ages and made over £170 so far.. So that’s really put a smile on my face.  🙂  <

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