Showbus 2015

So, today we’ve been to the yearly bus rally, Showbus.

I took one of our electric Streetlites, 5007.


I have to say this is probably one of the poorest organised Showbus events I’ve been to.  We were lucky with “only” waiting 40 minutes to get parked up, some buses had a three hour wait!

There seem to be quite a number of buses getting stuck in the soft ground too. If it’s held at Woburn Abbey again next year I think I’ll give it a miss…..


Anyway, 5007 did us well and only used 30% charge for the whole day. 🙂

and to end the post, here’s a picture of Professional Matt eyeing up an ice cream van ?



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  1. Was a bit poor wasn’t it. Nothing seemed to flow. Needed somewhere with a bigger hard standing area.
    Wasn’t really anything that caught my eye this year either. Only highlight was Arriva corner being near the exit. Will definitely give it a miss next year if held there.

  2. I took my Leyland National – joined queue at 11am, finally parked up at 2.15pm. Organisation was a joke – they were still telling drivers to park on the grass where you could see ruts in the mud caused by buses getting stuck. I’m never taking my bus there again. Move it back to Duxford…

    • Yes It really was awful! Although for me Duxford is a bit further away, It does work at a venue!

      Also, Which National was yours? We were walking round a few mid afternoon. (I do like a national!!)

  3. Very disappointed this year. Poor access and buses sinking in the mud causing massive queues to get into the event. Stalls badly laid out meaning we missed a fair few on the first walk, and up to our ankles in deer poo all afternoon. I saw a few people struggling with wheelchairs and buggies on the rough ground, and most of the stall traders seemed frustrated too.

    Nice variety of vehicles this year though and good to see the Shires well represented from the western garages. Thanks to you and Arriva Aaron for bringing us up.

    I should think the organisers of Showbus have a massive headache now trying to plan a hosting venue for next year.

  4. Here’s a statement I’ve just copied from the Showbus website:

    There were certainly problems at Woburn on Sunday after a week of prolonged rain – though it was nice to see sun on the day! Many thanks to all who were so understanding and appreciative of the efforts made in unfortunate circumstances. Thanks to all those who participated and provided a stunning display of vehicles including spectres like that shown.
    For all those asking for a return to Duxford please note that the Museum no longer wishes to host the event.
    Woburn offered us a nostalgic opportunity and magnificent location but we relived the probems of staging the show in the 80s, despite extra hard standing.
    Whilst we had problems in the grounds, we were unaware of surrounding congestion which was not apparent in the 80s, but with the forecasters promoting the weekend as the last decent one of the summer and the huge increase in MK’s population over 25 years there was considerably more traffic than the local road network could cope with.

    • Well that confirms that Duxford is no longer an option.

      How they couldn’t of know about the long queue and traffic gridlock in Woburn I don’t know, everyone was talking about it.

      • Probably didn’t help that the A5120 was partly closed between J12 and Flitwick for people coming in that way.

        I think the biggest problem was letting buses and cars in through the same gate, then that single hard track around the estate. Trying to do head counts of passengers arriving on the buses, or a single vehicle getting stuck then holds up the whole queue. Both of these things happened.

        The reason it worked so well at Duxford is because they kept car and bus entrances separate and this allowed them to have more than one lane of buses entering the event.

        As for blaming the development of Milton Keynes, did that many people attend from MK? I wouldn’t have said that has made Woburn village any busier.

        Ideally you want an airfield type setting, where there is much more space on hard ground available for parking, walking and trade stands.

        Lots of negativity coming off the model collectors forums as well. Lots of people that come for the markets didn’t bother this year as the market for new diecast models has practically dried up of late. This year the majority of stalls selling models released in the 1990s in faded boxes at massively inflated prices. All this has surely got to hurt the event as admissions dwindle.

  5. Having been to many Showbus events this was in many ways the worst show ever. The site should never have got past the vetting stage. Spotter Matt sums the queueing problem well – I came by car incidentally. Duxford had other facilities which were perhaps never fully appreciated such as adequate toilets, baby changing rooms, seating, provision for the disabled and elderly etc. Woburn is a country park. It is also not flat and space was a little cramped. Many casual visitors left feeling badly let down which is a shame because some aspects were quite good but when it takes 2.5hrs to get in from Northampton…
    Thanks to all those that brought vehicles.

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