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  1. The last two are pretty good ..the first one is clever but would have been better in a different location…anyway we are to far south to win and we do not drive trains LOL

  2. I have just checked Jan winners…what a load of SHIT..I see Mark Scott from cross country seems to be a favourite winner in the past.

  3. I like the second one (I have one of the Sydney Opera House at night, from a ferry, which is remarkably similar, lol, although I’m convinced that the light swirls form treble clefs) but I guess from a competition point of view it’d be the 3rd one. If you use that and win, you will now need to share your proceeds with me 🙂

  4. IMHO I’s say either number 3 if you straightened it up with photoshop or similar so it doesn’t look like its going downhill, or number 4. Good Luck Chuck!

  5. I say number 5 because I use that service quite often, but, as Jean says, I think it could do with some straightening up. Anyway, I hope you win.

  6. You may need to go out again and take some more pics . You need to get a train and a bus in the Picture if you want to win. See you soon.
    Have you been ill as you have not been moaning about the buses or the punters over the last few days.

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