8 Responses to Mobile Blogging Part 2

  1. God thats an AWFUL picture but you do love to upload em don’t you PMSL. The light has given me huge bags and I look in pain!!! Mind you that was taken after I had spent the day with you….notice how much I have aged in a few hours ;o) Remind me never to look at this post again………

  2. Ello matt…….he refused to run onto the road itself but you should have seen his prancing with the torch and the sound effects that went with were classic ;o)

  3. im callin u CFRB then bahahahahahahahahahahahaha. was it his fav arriva torch?! he uses that as a night light too i think cos he gets worried about the bogie men

  4. PM.no probs what you call me, worse in the past and worse in the future after THIS uploaded picture. I shall have my revenge ;o) I have some of James now hehehehe.

    The torch was this tiny, ickle, little silver jobbie but had a great beam to it! He giggled delightfully as he skipped, jumped and frolicked and yes indeed making noises along the lines of “oooohhhhhhh weeeeeee heheheheheeee woooo I wish I’d done this AGES ago, who would have thought you could have so much fun with a torch in the dark!” He has forgotten making “tents” with his bedclothes as a boy obviously ;o)

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