Passenger Conversations part 6

<Bus pulls up at stop>
Me: “Sorry you’ll need to fold down the buggy”

Woman: “Why?!”

Me: “Beacuse there is only one space for a buggy on this bus and there’s already one onboard”

Woman: “But can’t I just squeeze it in that gap?”

Me: “Sorry, No. Only allowed one buggy on this bus, We’ll wait while you fold it down”

Woman: “But Can’t I…”

Me: “No, There is no space”

Woman: “Bus Can’t…”

Me: “NO!”

Woman: “Fuckin Knob!”

6 Responses to Passenger Conversations part 6

  1. I’ve learned to accept such insults with a smile and a polite “thank you”. As long as the ruder you are, the more politely you speak; you will always win the argument and it generally makes everyone else laugh at your abuser.

    Although I cannot publically name my employer in such circumstances I am campaigning for this to be put in their next staff handbook.

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