You taking a photo of me?!

I think it’s time for a moan.




This week has been one of those weeks where come against one problem after another.

First off on Wednesday I found myself coming up against selfish parking round what seemed like every corner…


The first one was a car parked right on the junction of a road I had to try and turn into….


This is the second car that’s just out of view in teh first pic, Notice how close I am to it LOL. I managed to miss it by a few inches…




Then we have somebody who has parked alongside this bus stop, Which wouldn’t normally be a problem as the bus is only there a few seconds… But not this stop, This is the Starting point for the route, So is infact a Bus Stand as well, When I came round the corner to park up there I still had 4 minutes to go until it was time to leave, Cars beeping behind me, EVen thought I’m quite clearly inside my yellow box. In the end I had to drive on further down the road, around the corner to wait my time, Probably leaving some people behind. All because of selfish parking. 🙁

Then Yesterday, I was given one of our more “mature” vehicles to drive on one of our town services. Note the handily positioned wing mirror…


The arm would only fix in that position so there was no chance of moving it, So it really wasn’t of much use..


Same bus, But while driving it I became more and more aware of how many things are actually blocking my view to the outside world.. Surely all this “furniture” in the widscreen is a hazard?!


Anyway that’s my whinging over for today, (expect more tomorrow ;))

One ‘nice’ thing this week Is i’ve been given £50 for an old phone that was just lying round the house doing nothing.

Just a bit more towards me camera fund! 🙂

Oh this was a bit of a shock, NO Breakdowns this week yet!

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