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I went on a little break last week to a place called California, Just outside Great Yarmouth. Was nice to have some time away from home and driving buses. The weather wasn’t too bad, Rained quite a bit at night, I was quite happy it wasn’t hot as I don’t like the sun much. Even though it was fairly mild all week I still managed to burn my face on first day we were there so have been in agony ever since lol.


California/Scratby Beach at Dusk – Wind Farm in distance

Been to a friends house today to do fiddle with their PC and became quite embarrassed after about an hour or so when I realised that my skin was flaking (My psoriasis has been a bit bad this week as i’m off the steroid cream) and there was loads of little white bits all over their carpet. With it being dark blue they showed up even more. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. 🙁 Gawd knows what they must’ve thought.

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