Employee Survey

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You Said – “Facilities at the depot needed improving”

We said – “We have created an outdoor rest area to provide space for employee’s enjoyment”

Translated as – “We’ve shoved a few concrete slabs down by the Bus Wash with some plastic chairs as a Smoking area – of no use to us non-smokers”


You Said – “The condition of many buses was demoralising”

We Said – “We put a team of drivers together to list and prioritise improvements so they can be actioned”

Translated as – “We’ve already told you that you won’t be getting any new buses at Aylesbury Depot, So stop moaning about your current fleet of vehicles”

5 Responses to Employee Survey

  1. When you think how much Arriva make each year, they should invest in new vehicles all the time.

    Order in bulk amounts, arrange delivery in twop or three years time so we at least have hope of new vehicles.

    Doesnt make sense, most of the Stagecoach depots in our area are on 02 plates and above, yet we still run L plate Vectas and V reg Darts.

  2. Arriva Driver: I do wonder about ARRIVA’s vehicle policy because we seem to be the only Big Bus group who’s main vehicle fleet is well past it’s expiry. (except London of course.)

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