Why did I say it?!?

Well I should’ve realised that if I said the 183 was like a Holiday compared to other routes then something bad would happen.

On Monday, at about 12:30 in the afternoon, When you expect to just be carrying Grannies and people out shopping, you know, Nothing exciting along come something to wake you up.

A lady comes rushing to the front of the bus to tell me to call the police as there is a fight going on upstairs. Sure enough when I look at the CCTV Screen I can see two young men punching some guy.

Pull bus over to side of the road, Call a “code red” on the radio and it flashes up “QUEUE”. That’s right I’m in a queue for CentreComm (The London Buses control Centre). I’m connected to the same channel as another bus driver who seems to be talking as slowly as he possibly can.

By the time It’s my turn and i’ve relayed all the info the two blokes have walked off down a side street and the injured guy doesn’t want to know about police or Ambulances, Even though there is blood pouring down his face. All the other passengers who are now on the side of the road can’t believe that he doesn’t want help and then start to blame me for not making him wait for treatment.

Not quite sure how I can force him to stop if he doesn’t want to. Anyway, assistance cancelled via CentreComm (After stiiting in another queue) and we go on our way, 10 minutes late.

I won’t ever say how much of a Holiday the 183 is again!!

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  1. Well……….. I was down one of my local parks when a very charming young man of about 10 with a big gob and an even bigger attitude started to “pick” on a 15 year old lad. It was quite amusing to watch it was like a Yorkie picking on a Rottweiller. The Rottweiller stood very patiently ignoring all the jibes, spitting and unpleasant name calling, even when said young oik threw his bike on the floor he ignored him. When however he started to reign blows onto him and kick him very hard several times understandably the Rottweiller swiftly dealt the Yorkie a rather hard a satisfying (from my point of view)blow to the face. The Yorkie then went off licking his wounds hiding behind 13 year old girls who proceeded to tear a strip off the older teen. Where were they when their “cousin” was being an obnoxious little toerag? Where were they when he was letting down the tyres on a bike of a young girl also in the park? All the Rottweiller did was ask “ere mate what you doing that for whats she done to you?” Sadly a walk in the park these days is no longer a walk in the park. Young Yorkie was last heard whimpering and growling “I’m gonna get my big bruvva on you and he’s got a knife” Sadly in light of recent events and knowing the generation of today he probably will and he probably has……….

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