"Move all the way down the Bus please"

Not much has been going on really since my last post

I’m desperate for a day off. 29042007034I’ve been working some long hours lately and just feel shattered all the time.

Today was a special treat, as special treats go.. We got to pick our own buses instead of having one allocated. This might sound a bit sad to get so excited over, But when you have to drive these things in 5 hours blocks, Having a bus you like makes all the difference.

Saying that Today was still poo. The route is far too busy for the timing we are given, They knock off around 20 minutes from the running time compared to Mon-Sat. Plus the fact it’s been very very busy today, (and yesterday come to think of it, especially with Indian OAP’s. No idea why but their seems to have been THOUSANDS catching the bus all at once over the weekend), So i’ve been running late for my whole shift.

A contender for the highlight of the day is a conversation I had with a Pensioner this afternoon…

OAP Get’s on Bus in Harrow, Station Road and show’s me her Bus Pass.

Me: Sorry, That’s a Herts Bus Pass, You can’t use it on here.


Me: No you can’t, Your Pass allows you to travel around Hertfordshire and on Complete journeys that begin or end in your county.

OAP: That’s right, That’s why I CAN use my pass on this Bus.

Me: No you can’t because you are in Harrow

OAP: But Harrow is in Hertfordshire!

Me: I think you’ll find it isn’t.

OAP: Well my friend told me that is was in Hertfordshire.

Me: Well I’m afraid your friend is wrong.

At this point her husband (I assume) plonks down £2 pounds and tells his wife “Sit down dear, He’s got you”.

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