Do you go to Queensbury?

Very tiring week this week.

I swapped shifts with another driver so ended up on the 114’s all week. This route makes the 183 seem like a holiday! The 114 seems to attract the rougher side of society, More than it’s fair share. The type of people that use this route seems to change (for the worse) from South Harrow, With a little dip around Kenton Lane. To be honest, It is mostly the kids that are the problem who seem to think the bus is a mobile yoof club… Saying that, a 183 was set fire to the other week by some young female, Obviously the older side of our fleet wasn’t to her liking.

Anyway, It wasn’t a very eventful week. I found 7 old dear Freedom Passes out of date (expiry 31st March 2006) and when informed of the fact that they would not be able to use said pass and would have to pay £2 all pulled faces I’ve never seen before.

On Wednesday we had the great “Wheelchair Ramp Roulette” game at Harrow Bus Station. This game is quite simple to play, All you need is one of our buses, and somebody in a Wheelchair. The aim of the game is to guess what type of Wheelchair Ramp you have before you start to extend it. Will it be the ‘goes out straight away, touches kerb then stops’ type? (The most boring type for this game) or will it be the ‘Innie Outie’ Type? This one goes out to the kerb then shoots back inside the bus, Hiding from everyone. (Now this is the most exciting and fun type of ramp to play this game with) Or will it be the final ‘not coming out’ type? Well this round of the game we got to play with the Innie Outie type. Much fun was had by all for a good 5 minutes while I tried to get the ramp to stay out which it eventually did on my 8th attempt. You can tell how boring Wednesday was by the fact that this was indeed the Highlight of the day!

I heard through the grapevine that one of our buses had been in an accident on Saturday evening. Looks like the driver tried to take it through a 6ft6 width restriction in Edgware… Problem being bus is over 9ft wide… End Result Below (oops!)…


Today has been very busy with there being no Met line to Pinner from Harrow and also Temp Traffic Lights at Roe Green, Kinsgbury and the Junction of Kingsbury Road and Edgware Road in Hendon. Most buses were running 25-30 minutes late by mid afternoon and from about 14:30 onwards the Garage started to “Turn” buses at various places to try and get everybody back on time. So if you were waiting ages for a 183, Or you caught one and it ended at Harrow instead of Pinner today, Now you know why!

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