I just topped it up, Honest!!

oyster Readout

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When you get on the Bus, and your Oyster card beeps twice and displays “Not Enough Money” then please don’t go into a big story about how you’ve “just put a fiver on mate”.


The reason I say this is because I don’t think many people realise that I can get a little printout about your Beloved little blue card.


It will tell me how much Pre Balance if left, What sort of Travelcard or Bus Pass is stored on the card, The Zones it’s valid for and the expiry date. It will also tell me the last 8 journeys you have made.


But the most important bit that goes with this tale is that I can see the last 3 topups you’ve made, How much for and the date you topped up.


Now that you know all this, When your Oyster beeps at you because it’s empty, Please just hand over two quid. Many Thanks.

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