The Last few days…

Well Wasn’t expecting to see this out of my window yesterday morning. No idea why they were there but they were parked up all day



and I saw this the other night at Pinner Bus Stand, I couldn’t believe it. It was a group of people rummaging through donations outside Oxfam!


11 Responses to The Last few days…

  1. Oh dear James……..please get that whole
    glittery tops and spandex thing out of your system, I keep telling you thats really not in Vogue anymore……….and I see from the picture your still wearing those thigh length pink boots with the 3″ heals, now you know they play havoc with your vericose veins!!

  2. Jean darling………..heals is spelt HEELS ;o)I’ll teach you joined up writing next time James and I pop up to see you.I know its differnt from when we were girls and used slates and chalk but I am sure you’ll cope.

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