Respect your Elders

2007 02250037Thursday at 8:35am….

Old lady gets on the bus and produces a Freedom (OAP) Pass.

Ticket Machines Beeps and displays “Not valid at this time of day”.

Me: Sorry It’s too early to use your pass.

OAP: And?!

Me: Well you will have to either pay the £2 fare or get off and wait until after 9am.

OAP: But I’m only going to Harrow (3 stops)

Me: Yes but It’s way before 9am so you won’t be able to use your pass.

OAP: So you are chucking me off the bus then?

Me: No, I’m telling you that if you want to travel before 9am then you will need to pay £2.

OAP: So you ARE chucking me off the bus, and you are going to make me wait out there in the rain?!

Me: Well if you are refusing to pay the £2 fare, then yes, you will need to get off the bus.

OAP: Mutters n Groans

Me: My dear, Noone held a gun to you head and told you you had to catch the bus shopping at 8:30 in the morning,

OAP: F*** You!


That was the highlight of my day on Thursday

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