…And we all… Stand…Together


Another week passes where not alot happens :/


A bus stop has appeared by the fancy new Sainsbury’s in Central Milton Keynes, by “The Hub”. The timetable states that is is valid from Monday, 6th October and has times for the route 7/7E….. Pity noone seemed to tell MK Metro about this new stop and route change as they were still sending their buses the old route for all of this week. It’s great to see the Council and Bus Company working together! LOL


Still no sign of our new buses at Aylesbury. We’re now being told that they are in the wrong shade of blue and have all got to be repainted, A bit embarrasing to be repainting brand new buses, But hardly surprising either 😉

Nothing at all has happened on the 200 this week. While waiting my time at the City Centre on Friday afternoon I seemed to make a new friend who wanted to tell me everything thats wrong with MK Metro & Arriva buses and that their were 72 speed ramps on the number 9 route. I just nodded and grunted til it was time to go. 🙂

MK Metro seem to have gained an old The Shires Trident, I think it was new at Southend, But not sure. Anyway it caught fire quite a while back and has only just reappeared after a rebuild. It’s been painted bright orange, and according to one driver it still smells “smokey”.



I’ve been directed to a news website that reported on the fire of the trident, You can see the bus was in a pretty bad way which might explain why it took so long to rebuild.


You can read the newspaper article here.

Oh and highly exciting news I almost forgot to tell you all. I’ve managed to wangle myself one of the new style ARRIVA fleeces, I bet your all so so happy for me 😛

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