Harry, The other Aylesbury driver who’s over at Milton Keynes, who normally covers my breaks, Is leaning against my bus, While I’m sat in the cab.

I’m telling him that the bus I’ve got seems to have major Wheel Wobble..

Me: All the yellow wheel markers are in the right place aint they Harry?

Harry: Yeah

<Bent over old woman with compulsory trolley walks by and mutters something, Me & Harry assume it’s not directed at us>

Me (To Harry): Hmm I wonder what’s…

Old Woman (To me): SHUT UP! I am asking a question

<Harry Looks at me, I look at him, Old woman starts to mumble her question again>

Me: Harry, Get on my bus

Me (To Old woman): WE ARE NOT INTERESTED <Close Doors>


And people wonder why I’m not a fan of OAP’s!

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