Respect your Elders

2007 02250037Thursday at 8:35am….

Old lady gets on the bus and produces a Freedom (OAP) Pass.

Ticket Machines Beeps and displays “Not valid at this time of day”.

Me: Sorry It’s too early to use your pass.

OAP: And?!

Me: Well you will have to either pay the £2 fare or get off and wait until after 9am.

OAP: But I’m only going to Harrow (3 stops)

Me: Yes but It’s way before 9am so you won’t be able to use your pass.

OAP: So you are chucking me off the bus then?

Me: No, I’m telling you that if you want to travel before 9am then you will need to pay £2.

OAP: So you ARE chucking me off the bus, and you are going to make me wait out there in the rain?!

Me: Well if you are refusing to pay the £2 fare, then yes, you will need to get off the bus.

OAP: Mutters n Groans

Me: My dear, Noone held a gun to you head and told you you had to catch the bus shopping at 8:30 in the morning,

OAP: F*** You!


That was the highlight of my day on Thursday

7 Responses to Respect your Elders

  1. ROFLMAO…….maybe her old man held a gun in the small of her back and she thought F*** that I’m off shopping?

  2. Sheer genious. I always knew waking up so early and pottering around like they do would get them into trouble. Point proven. If you don’t have anywhere in particular to be, don’t rush, that’s my tuppence worth.

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