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  1. The 114’s – wasn’t that at one time run by BTS, and then Sovereign Buses,I think they now call themselves Sovereign London, along with the 13’s

    LOve you blog, keep it up. I’ve been a blogger for about 3 years under different “handles”

  2. Yeah that’s right Littlelegsdad, Although we are now called “Transdev London Sovereign”. We run the 13/N13, 114, 183 and 292 from our garage.

  3. I used to work for Soveriegn based in St. Albans, as it was and spent a fun winter / summer working the 13’s when they were crewed Routemasters. How long have you been doing it?? maybe you were there when I was?

    I left the Bus industry shortly after returning to St. Albans shed, although I did had a short shell working out of Catford Garage, SE London.

    I bet it’s not the same on the 13’s as it was with the crews.

    Where are they based now??

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