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  1. The 114’s – wasn’t that at one time run by BTS, and then Sovereign Buses,I think they now call themselves Sovereign London, along with the 13’s

    LOve you blog, keep it up. I’ve been a blogger for about 3 years under different “handles”

  2. Yeah that’s right Littlelegsdad, Although we are now called “Transdev London Sovereign”. We run the 13/N13, 114, 183 and 292 from our garage.

  3. I used to work for Soveriegn based in St. Albans, as it was and spent a fun winter / summer working the 13’s when they were crewed Routemasters. How long have you been doing it?? maybe you were there when I was?

    I left the Bus industry shortly after returning to St. Albans shed, although I did had a short shell working out of Catford Garage, SE London.

    I bet it’s not the same on the 13’s as it was with the crews.

    Where are they based now??

  4. I’ve only been there six months so you won’t know me LOL. The 13’s are now based at Edgware.. We share the garage with Metroline.

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