Well i’m almost at the end of my round of early shifts, Just tomorrow to go now and then that will have been 7 days in a row.. It feels like 14!

I don’t quite know why people rave about early shifts, Yeah ok your first couple of trips are nice n easy because there is noone around (I translate that as boring). But getting up in the early hours is not my idea of fun! Finishing at midday is of course nice, But i’m so tired from getting up so early that i spend most of the afternoon asleep, which makes it a bit pointless having the afternoon off.. Oh well onto “middles” from Thursday. 🙂

Oh and I’m STILL waiting for a key to the Train Drivers toilets at Golders Green from my Garage, Just getting excuse after excuse 🙁 If you’ve seen the public ones in the Bus Station you’d know why i’m eager to get one. I would take a picture of them, But People will think I’m weird(er than I already am).


Golders Green at 4:30am


My empty and rather cold bus this morning

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