o2 3G…AOL…Being Lazy & IVA's

Are there any o2 experts out there?

Ever since I switched over to o2’s 3G service I’ve stopped getting Delivery Reports when I send an SMS… and this I find really annoying as it’s a handy way of finding out if people are ignoring me lol (Not that I’m paranoid or anything!).

Well I finally got a date for moving over to Route 183 which is the 3rd March. Work will be so much more relaxing than the route I’m on at the moment…. All I need now is a new image for the top of the blog.

Why do I seem to have such trouble trying to convince people that I know on AOL to start using MSN Messenger?! Have they been brainwashed my AOL into thinking that is is evil or something?? They just don’t seem to be able to grasp the simple fact that it it far superior than AOL Instant Messaging system! The reason I’m trying to get people to switchover is because I’m shutting my AOL account down (well I deleted the software off my PC a number of weeks ago and have stopped using the email addresses) as I think the whole service has gone downhill very rapidly. I guess I’m just gonna have to work on these people harder.. Perhaps they just don’t wanna talk anymore LOL.

I’ve had a week off this week and have done barely anything with it, and you know, It felt great! Not too sure what’s wrong with me lately. When I get home from work I just don’t want to do anything apart from watch TV n then goto bed. It’s been going on for a few weeks now, Will have to keep an eye on it and see a doctor if it carries on.

A long long time ago I blogged about my IVA payments may be rising because of my (then) new job. Well it was all sorted a few weeks ago, after a small scare of it rising from Β£275 to Β£405 a month, It was finally decided that it would stay at Β£275 for the time being and would only rise, by a very small amount, if and when I have my next pay rise, So that was some good news. It means I can now carry on saving a small amount each week for a holiday this year, The first in 7 years!


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  1. AIM is so horrifically basic. I don’t think AOL realises that people have moved on into the 21st century.

    I’m on O2’s 3G. I still get delivery reports. Perhaps you not getting them is something to do with your service centre number?

    Hello 183. You might catch me on there one day (if the Metropolitan Line, Uxbridge branch, ever decides to cock up for me one day).

  2. Looking into whether there is a general issue – but like Anne said, it seems not. I’ll come back …

    The 183 is our method of getting to H on the Hill. The only criticism I have of 183 is that the design of the bus is just very different to 79, not used to it. Also – it doesn’t seem to run as frequently as 79 or 204. Especially on Saturday’s. Good luck!

  3. Interesting you should say that Jag. Looking at the timetable for both routes on the TfL website it seems that they are both timetabled to run every 10-12 minutes during the daytime. After working a duty on the 183 last saturday, I can see the main reason for longer waiting times and gaps in the service is because of the near all day traffic jam along Kingsbury. The 79 being able to keep to time as it only really has to get over Kingsbury Circle, Of course I also know what Honeypot Lane is like at a weekend too!

    Thanks for looking into my o2 problem. I spoke to CS but they don’t know what the problem is. πŸ™

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