Driving a 500 to Watford last week and an “Wrinkly” gets on..

Me: ‘Where you going?’

Wrinkly: ‘They keep Aligators at home you know!’

Me: ‘<silence>……errr…Did you want to go somewhere?!?’

Wrinkly: “Kings Langley please”

I have no idea what that was about

8 Responses to "Wrinklys"

  1. I should have gone back to your blog way long ago, and I just saw it, route 500. The one going to Hemel Hempstead 🙂 Makes me smile, been to Hemel from the age of 10 to 20, ones each 4 months, so I know that area quite well. Great to read the stories 🙂

  2. Silver_lady, If I get like that where I say random things to Bus drivers at that age then I’ll make sure the suitable supervision is obtained for going out in public. 😛

  3. Hmm maybe she wanted to get home quickly so was asking you to make it snappy!!

    Okay bad joke but it is late and I need my sleep!

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