We are ready for the floor

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Well after my last post about my enormous phone bill I’ve decided to change networks (again). No matter how careful I am about calling and texting people it still seems to end up around the £100 a month mark.

Far too much!!! Looking for a cheap SIM Only deal or perhaps Pay As You Go again… Dunno.

Well it’s Easter Sunday and who would’ve thought we’d get snow! I took the opportunity to record the event this morning in the City Centre when most people were still asleep, and the fact that all the shops were shut today to get a few pics.

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Lots of disruption at work at the moment with the start of the Bus Station refurb starting last Monday. (I’m writing a page about the refurb and the Aylesbury Transport Hub in general at www.arrivatheshires.co.uk). So far a few buses have had their stops moved into “The Tunnel” outside the station and the waiting room has been cut in half…. That’s it! That’s all they’ve done! It’s going to be a looooooong 17 weeks.

Oh yes, and this is a govelling apology to Jake for me being so miserable when he got on my bus the other week, Next time I see you I’ll just go for plain evil. 😉

Ah yes and this is a big ‘Shout oooout” to Mrs C. See told you I’d do it. 😛

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