The Site is Alive!!! Mwhahahaha

Well hello my loyal subjects lol

Have been sorting out my websites today.  Both are to do with buses (no laughing at the back!). But one I hope, is going to make me a bit of money.  To find out what its all about then goto

The other is just a site about work, and ARRIVA in general.  It’s amazing how many people wanna know what’s happening at a bus garage LOL.  If you are also interested (I’m sure you are <g>) then you need to goto

Not alot else going on, looking forward to the weekend as Me n Karen <The one from Harlow>are off to London to be tourists and ‘do the sights’ hehehe.

Anyway, time to log off, been on the computer for far too long today, and anyway, ‘On The Buses’….”I ‘ate you butler!” is on, so im gonna watch that <g>

(Picture is of me, if you look closely, being miserable at work :P)



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