Oooh look at the time

Sorry for the lack of updates, not been myself lately.   Had a fantatstic weekend last weekend.  Went to london with Karen and her kids, and her brother.  Had a really great time going round the various sights, went on London Eye and round the Tower of London.  And found this rather nice cocktail that they made at the hotel, which me and karen had a few jugs of LOL.


Have been knackered as soon as i get in the door from work lately.. not sure why :/  And this is probably too much info for you all, but i have a terribly sore rash at the top of my inner thigh.  It’s one of the side effects of the cream i’m using for my psoriasis.  It really is sore to the point of it hurting to walk or bend.  It is really getting to me, but thankfully its only temporary and should go soon (not soon enough!) and its a small price to pay for clear skin.


My little business venture with a workmate is going quite well…


I’m really getting fed up at work lately with the way they keep changing the shifts about so you dont know what you are doing one week to the next. 🙁  i’m getting to the same state of mind that I was when i decided to leave Parcelforce, 2 & 1/2 years ago.  I’m snappy when i get home, and start clock watching from the moment i arrive for work in the morning, time to start looking for another job me thinks!


Expect a BIG entry on Saturday when i go through all me finance’s! <eeeek!!>


(Picture is of me frezzing me wotsit off on a open top sightseeing bus at the weekend.  There was a cold wind blowing at the time lol)

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