I doubt anyone that reads this actually goes into this shop, But on Friday I was charged a price more than the Shelf label, When complaining I was just told “That’s what’s on the Till”.. The forth or fifth time this has happened now! I thought there was some law that stated they had to charge what the display price on the shelf was?!

Anyway, Don’t buy from this shop!!!


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  1. They must charge you the price on the item . If it happens again tell them you will report them to trading standards office.

  2. Yes…..you are entitle to this price on the shelf..and as MR venn states report them to trading standard..The cleaner also confirm this

  3. Or better still let’s create another FIRST for James’s blog. Stage a mass meeting outside the shop and all go in together to kick off about it. This blog now reaches far and wide and can be done.

    Failing that we’ll start a Facebook group like we did for Mrs C…

  4. I work for a retail company and their pricing department, by law if the price on the shelf is cheaper then the price at the checkout then they must charge the lower price.

  5. this sounds like an exelent idea, we will wait till jen is in a bad mood and youve been on eights to blesh all day then we ransack the place. lol

  6. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but an advertised price in this instance is not a legally binding contract between buyer/seller, but rather an “Invitation to treat” [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invitation_to_treat%5D.

    Good customer service would generally dictate that as a one-off, a lower advertised price should be offered to the customer, before rectifying the ticketing error, but there is no obligation on behalf of the vendor for this to happen; as I understand it, s/he is merely required to correct the ticketing error.

    In instances where selling at an incorrect price would be unpracticable, I would apologise and explain to the customer the above and give an easy to understand example — eg. without this rule, there’d be nothing to stop an unscrupulous customer changing a

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