Happy 5th Birthday!

Well last Friday fifth birthday of my blog, Who would’ve thought I’d keep to actually doing this for five years! LOL

So what’s happened in that time?

I’ve worked at Arriva, MK Metro, Parcelforce, Arriva, Centrebus, Transdev/London Sovereign, Arriva, MK Metro….

(No one is allowed to comment on my Work History ROFL)

I’m into year 3 of my IVA, and am much better off because of it…..

In the five years I’ve not found one bank account that does everything I want it to do. (Lynne/Dreamy River just loves the ongoing banking saga)….

I’ve worked for myself and sold the business on….

I wrote my first Ford Focus off on a concrete block….

I started a “MobLog“….

I’ve blogged about the Weather SIX times (!!)….

I have never won the ARRIVA Employee Photo Competition LOL….

My Psoriasis, in the grand scheme of things neither gets better or worse….

My Liver has gone from 100% to apparently 12% damaged and unrecoverable, back to 100% fit again :-S….

I’ve spent more time Driving the MK Bus Route 200 then any other….

I’ve changed mobile numbers god knows how many times….

I’ve made more friends through my blog than I ever thought possible!….

And I think the question I’ve been asked the most is “Where does the Bus to Luton go from?!”

4 Responses to Happy 5th Birthday!

  1. Why are we not allowed to comment on your work history! You must be in line for a job change pretty soon now

  2. Im afriad to say James isnt going anywhere soon, im keeping him at metro for the forseable future. I started reading this about 2 years ago now, firstly to find out if bus driving was a job i could do, and this blog was very useful. Once you wade through all the shite, there are some useful and intresting bits of info, which at the time helped me a massive amount, the sort of things you dont hear about in a job interview! After this i carried on reading just out of intrest. Anyway, 2 years on, and if nothing else, for me, if it wasnt for this blog, id have one more grumpy arriva driver to annoy, and one less FRIEND at work on monday 😉 So lookin forward to another 5 years of drivel to read!

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