10 Responses to Quiz Time #5

  1. I think that says something about the people that paint/design those adverts.
    I’m surprised that they managed to spell the rest of it correctly!! LOL

  2. Maybe the double-u’s are going in two by two 🙂 (BTW – reminds me of the “How do you fit 2 pandas in a mini” jokes)

  3. your signaling out, when your takin a photo of the back, thus delaying the nice driver on the 5 who actually has passangers? 😀

  4. The fact that they’re advertising incentives for people to carry on using their cars on the back of a bus is also something that’s wrong with this… despite the wwww thing 🙂

  5. I was on a South West Trains train today and they did an announcement telling people to visits the site “www southwesttrains.co.uk” So it’s not just buses!

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