It's been a long day


People that know the 200 will know that it’s soooo busy we need 2 buses in tandem….

Of course thats not really the case, It just seems that the people that work out the Duty sheets haven’t realised that the 08:14 bus from Northfield is on two different duties, LOL.

Still, this is the first time since I started this route in March that I’ve actually met the bus, and followed each other all the way to town.


If you flag down a bus, and when the doors open it has one of these….




Please don’t expect the driver to be able to understand what your saying if you stand on the pavement and wisper.

If your then asked to speak up as they can’t hear you, Don’t then whisper at the very same level as before.

And once you’ve been asked a third time to speak up as the driver taps the plastic screen, Just to make sure you realise it’s there, Don’t then shout at the top of your voice in a sarcy manner.

All you have to do is talk normally at the holes in the screen, Not towards the floor or into the rest of the bus, If you do that then we can hear you just fine! Thankyou!


Lady who I don’t think was 100% walked upto my bus today

Lady: Does this bus go to the National Express Coach Station?

Me: Yes It does

Lady: Oh it does, does it?

Me: Yes

Lady: So it does go there then?

Me: Yes!

Lady: Oh right, I was waiting for the 200

Me: This is the 200

Lady: This is the 200?

Me: Yes

Lady: Oh, I thought it was the 70

Me: <looks at blind> It does say 200 on the front

Lady: Oh yeah I know, I just thought it was the 70

Me: Oh ok….. <pause> So do you want to goto the coach station?

Lady: No, Not right now thankyou

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