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(Note how services are now described at “MK Metro/ARRIVA” services.. The change is not far away!)



Service 1B between between Olney and Northampton will cease to be operated by MK Metro/Arriva after operation on 24 October 2009. Full details of the revised timetable and operator will be available from Northants County Council and Traveline 0871 200 22 33 shortly.

Please note that MK Metro Saver tickets will not be sold or accepted by the new operator. Customers still in possession of a valid MK Metro weekly or 4 weekly Saver at 26 October 2009 who require a refund should write to our Customer Services Dept, Free Post ANG 7624, Luton LU4 8BR.

We would like to thank all our passengers on the this section of route for their valued custom.

Service 1B between Olney and M Keynes will operate to a revised timetable, but with a similar frequency, from 26 October 2009. Details will be available from Traveline 0870 200 222 33 One MK Metro/Arriva peak journey in each direction will continue to link Stoke Goldington, Ravenstone and Weston Underwood with Newport Pagnell and M Keynes. And there will be some exciting new timetable changes by MK Metro/Arriva from the same date between Lavendon, Olney and Milton Keynes.


From 25 October 2009 some MK Metro routes in Milton Keynes will be operated by diferent bus companies. The routes afftected are:

Services 3E, 17A, 17B, 18, 26E, 30 and 31.

We would like to thank all our passengers on these routes for their valued custom.

In addition some journeys on certain other routes will transfer to a new operator:

Saturday Service 29 between Bletchley and CMK. Look out for details of an improved MK Metro/Arriva Saturday service on route 5 from 31 October.

Sunday service on route 33. Look out for details of MK Metro/Arriva improvements to the Monday to Friday service on route 33 from 26 October.

Certain peak journeys on Service 20 between Westcroft and CMK. Look out for details of MK Metro/Arriva improvements to Ser 20 between Station/CMK and Walnut Tree from 26 October 2009.

Alternate Mon – Fri Service 6 journeys between CMK – Bletchley. Look out for details of a new direct MK Metro/Arriva service from Tattenhoe, Emerson Valley and Furzton to MK Station and CMK starting on 26 October.

The changes are a result of re – tendering of contracts by Milton Keynes Council. Details of the new operators are available from MK Council on 01908 252542.

Please see note above in Service 1B item about MK Metro/Arriva season ticket validity on the changed routes.

14 Responses to Changes in MK

  1. Improved service 5 on Saturdays. Didn’t know it could be improved anymore. Hopefully not a 10min one, that was a nightmare. Goodbye 30/31 two of the best routes around.

  2. So Z&S have been busy. The 7A taking place of the 9 is going to confuse everyone. I bet people will get on the 7A thinking it’s going to coffeehall.

  3. It suggests it’ll only get an increased frequency on M-F. That would say to me that there are going to be two separate 7As on a Saturday. That’ll confuse the hell out of everyone…

  4. They do seem to love reducing freqencies on Saturdays. I would have thought during the Saturday daytime buses would be heavily used, as least as much as weekdays.

  5. I still hold out hope that Arriva don’t break their promise and re-brand MK Metro, it’s part of the city’s identity. They could at least create an ‘Arriva Milton Keynes’ brand, separate from Shires? MK deserves it’s own separate company!

    • Tom, Changes have already happened. We will be losing the M.K. Metro name, Many buses have been “Arriva’d”, and as of last thursday we started to use Arriva ticket rolls. In the next few days we will start selling and accepting Arriva All Zone tickets, and behind the scenes, Driver’s will be moving onto Arriva Contracts on the 1st Jan 2010….. That’s when it will be truely ‘official’.

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