A little personal update from me

So I’m sat here in the little portakabin rest room at Aylesbury Bus Station, just looking out the window watching the occasional bus go past thinking it was about time for an update, so I thought I’d whip out the ipad and type something up. 🙂

Well firstly my psoriasis is back. My latest blood test showed that my current medication had damaged 21% of my liver, so I had to stop taking it straight away. Within a week my skin was covered in spots again.

After being clear for nearly 5 years it takes a bit of getting used to the stares from other people, and the constant itching. Itching that’s so bad you want to get a knife and just cut chunks of your skin out! It’s really done nothing for my confidence of late. I’m waiting to go back to the hospital this coming Friday, to see if funding has been approved for my next treatment, Humira. This is a fortnightly injection which is used to treat my psoriasis and the psoriatic arthritis which I now also have. I’m a little bit concerned by this drugs list of side effects, but the way it’s effecting me at the moment I don’t have a choice, even if I just get a few years relief from the skin and joint pain it will be worth it.


On the bus side of things not a lot to mention really, I’ve been back working at Aylesbury depot for a few weeks now and it’s going okay, The cost of commuting has rocketed since I was last here, so not sure I’ll be able to continue the travelling in the long term, especially as I am on a “new starter” rate of pay for three years, but we’ll see how it goes.

Station Square Completed

As of today, Station Square has opened to buses (finally!)

The area has gained 12 extra bus stops, although in reality it’s 10 as 2 are being used as bus stands.

A few pictures below taken by “Metro Matt”

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

The layout of stops, As shown on the MK Council Leaflet…




Y1 4 Towards CMK/Hospital/Bletchley
5/5A Towards CMK/Hospital/Bletchley
32 Towards CMK/Bletchley/Newton Longville
Y2 8 Towards CMK/Walnut Tree
300 Towards CMK/Coachway/Woburn Sands
Y3 1 Towards CMK/Newport Pagnell/Olney
2 Towards CMK/Newport Pagnell
7 Towards CMK/Stantonbury/Wolverton
Y4 40 Towards Bedford
99 Towards Luton Airport
X4 Towards CMK
X5 Towards Bedford/Cambridge
45 Towards Cranfield
Y5 11/12 Towards OU/Caldecotte
18 Towards CMK/Hospital/Fenny Stratford/Bletchley
25 Towards CMK/Newport Pagnell
28 Towards CMK/Furzton/Tattenhoe/Bletchley
X31 towards Dunstable/Luton
33/33A Towards CMK
23 Towards Great Linford/Wolverton
90/90A Towards CMK
Y6 Not in use
Z1 4 Towards Two Mile Ash/Wolverton
5 Towards Bradville/Wolverton
5A Towards Stony Stratford/Wolverton
Z2 2 Towards Westcroft
8 Towards Westcroft/Oxley Park
Z3 1 Towards Hospital/Stadium:MK/Bletchley
7 Towards Furzton/Bletchley
Z4 32 Towards Buckingham
89 Towards Towcester/Northampton
X4 Towards Northampton/Corby/Peterborough
X5 Towards Buckingham/Oxford
90/90A Towards Stony Stratford/Yardley Gobion
Z5 18 Towards Bradwell Common/Bradville
33/33A Towards Wolverton/Northampton
24 Towards Westcroft/Bletchley
28 Towards Crownhill/Shenley Wood
Z6 MK Dons Stadium Shuttle
OU Shuttle