All Change

Been a little while since I’ve written here.

I have been put on a secondment to a Desk job at the depot for a few months, Looking after the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system, and also the CCTV system installed on

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  1. Congratulations on your new posting. I like the new “cab” but I don’t think I’d like the job.

    We had a snowstorm here just outside Turin this morning but it’s all gone now, thank goodness.

  2. Is there a plan to install any more RTPI screens? Mainly thinking of the busy stops like the food centre, Central Rail Station and Bletchley Bus Station.

  3. Richard: Dont think the food centre is planned, bletchley eventually and the Rail Station once Station Square is redone.

  4. Ig Roberts: thanks very much… It is quite difficult at times to keep services regulated properly, routes that have a 20/30 minute frequency are very difficult…. Which bit of the route to you miss?!?

  5. Hello James, I don’t miss any of them now because I’m living in Italy. However, when I lived in MK I used to use the number 2 which passed through Bradwell Village. I also used to like going to Northampton on the number 33.

  6. It was just undergoing the change when I left. The number 2 service had run through Bradwell Village all the time I was in Milton Keynes. I first came to the city in 1983.

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