Bus Changes in May

Below is the MK Council proposals for Bus services from April 2011, Including some Commercial Decisions that Arriva are wanting to implement at the same time, The dcument is a bit heavy going, and as I’m driving a bus this weekend I haven’t had time to pick the interesting bits out, But if anyone wants to have a go, Feel free to comment with anything that You find 🙂

Annex A – Award of local bus contracts with effect from 22nd May 2011
Contract 1219 Service 1: Central Milton Keynes – Hospital – Bletchley.
One journey Mondays to Saturdays except public holidays.
Award to Arriva The Shires who submitted an alternative tender of

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  1. Not convinced by 7s via Shenley CE – a substantial slowdown which will reduce or kill usage from Furzton and West Bletchley.


    • Neil, with the way things are at the moment, and the lack of money to be spent on bus services, I think for the next few years buses are going to be just for people who have no other option… There just isn’t the funds to provide fast direct services to entice people out of cars now, The Stony-CMK 14’s, Wolverton-CMK 33’s and the current X9 will all vanish!

  2. Perhaps. Though the Council are once again tweaking round the edges with the subsidised services – I think the whole setup around Shenley CE and Crownhill will undo all the good the (commercial) increases did recently, just in favour of a few people getting a direct service to the Hospital they might not use.

    Incidentally this:-


  3. One other thought – why does the Council not publicise this kind of thing for consultation? Of course what Arriva do is up to them, but with such massive rafts of changes to subsidised services I think there should be some sort of public consultation on what is changing first.

  4. I know there has to be budget cuts but the constant mucking around of services in MK makes it soooo dificult to keep up with for the average Jo.

    Can only seeing all this push people away as James says.

  5. I understand Grant Palmer will run the 23 commercially from Bradville (Marlborough Roundabout) via Great Linford to CMK only, not to Bradwell Common and Heelands. They will be covered by an hourly daytime extension of the 18 which will take the original 6 route through Bradville, Heelands and Bradwell Common estates to CMK to pick up the 18 route, operated by Z&S.

    The 23A mentioned will be a contract diversion of the 7 through “Stantonbury Park Farm,” which a majority of residents have petitioned to have renamed “Oakridge Park”

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