All Change

I’m currently sat in my bus on a break as I type this. My head is spinning with thoughts, and if I don’t spill to someone soon I’m gonna go mad. Seeing as I aint gonna see anyone till tonight I’m putting them on here, Just to clear my head more than anything else.

(This is my excuse for why this post might not seem that joined up and slightly all over the place

It’s my last day on the 200 today.

Well from this coming Monday I will no longer working at Arriva Aylesbury as I’m transferring to MK Metro.

Bus after a couple of petty and childish incidents with a few of the older Metro drivers in the past two days I’m starting to have second thoughts…

Argh I just don’t know..

I’ve really struggled for the past six months trying to make my mind up if I wanted to transfer and now I just don’t know what to think, At the moment I have this horrible feeling that it’s gonna be a re-run of 2005 🙁

Still not a lot I can do now so just gonna have to make the best of it.

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