Station square redevelopment starts

Development of Station square started on Monday and will are buses moved out onto Elder Gate until next March.

More details at

Plans on how it’s going to look…

Personally, I’m not sure how this layout is going to work as there doesn’t seem to be any layover space for buses on stand, Unless a couple of the extra stops are setup as stands instead…

This is the current view, Lets see what it looks like in March 2012


4 Responses to Station square redevelopment starts

  1. Looks ok but I much preferred the original plans that were put out for consultation by the council that kept the buses and cars totally seperate. That did make me laugh, go to all the effort of carrying out a full consultation then ignore both of the plans suggested and go with something else.

    Would like to see some al fresco dining options in the top of Station Square, a little bit like outside Euston maybe. Also some nices seats and maybe some sort of fountain. Make Station Square a place to meet. Probably too much to ask of the council but they could get sponsorship from a garden centre for a water feature.

    • Richard, I preferred the first option too with a dedicated bus area… The plans have changed again now, Some bus stops will now be used for unloading/delivering between 1900-0700!!!

  2. they are very late completing this, they still havent completed it 2 months later, wonder if they gave up and are going back to how it used to be!

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