One Response to Money

  1. Hiya again :o)

    well life is always nowt but interesting. Sorry to hear the job interview was crap.after I nagged you into going and getting you all excited about it ;o)

    The crap is still flying round here but will get dealt with eventually and once you paid off all ya debts we can go rave somewhere.that is if I have any spare cash <turns out buttons from pockets> I so need to be doing housework but cant seem to find the energy or inclination. Weather is abysmal :o( has been really all weekend. Apart from Sunday when took kids to Imperial War Museum <free entry> had picnic lunch <minimal cost> about which I was really pleased as youngest decided to puke it back<sighs> Can see summer holidays looming with lots of one day travel cards, free museums and picnics on the menu……

    Smiles recently from unexpected quarters as heard from 2 long lost soul mates WB Bradford Bird and Norwich Loony <gggg>

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