Hmmm… Pass !

Still no further with the Job Front, Seems that the whole nation closes down on Bank Holiday Weekends :o(

I am looking at going to the local ASDA warehouse to see if they need Lorry Drivers.  I have got a HGV licence as well as me bus one, i’ve just barely used it.  Need to tke a few refresher lessons before I go for an Interview driving test as i’m so out of practice I doubt i’ll be able to reverse the thing! LOL

Been at Karens again this weekend…  If people didn’t know my “situation” (those that know, know.. I aint going into that on ere! LOL) would thing we were lovers the amount of time i spend ere! LOL.

This lovely airbed thingy that i brought off one of the Sky shopping channels seems to have a small leak, It has its own motor attached, so you just plug it in and let it inflate (no comments!), it blows up to the height of a normal bed, and is really comfy.  But by the time morning comes round its only half-inflated and i can feel the floor, with the rest of the bed all around me lol, is quite a site.  Oh and of course then I haveto try n get off of it lol.

Karen’s kids have been making me laugh so much this weekend that its gonna be sad to go.  I was laughing so much at a comment one of em made last night that I had to pull over to the side of the road as i could see for crying with laughter.  We’ve been to beefeater tonight for a meal, which was a nice way to end the weekend, Had a pudding of Jaffa Cake Cheesecake, butreally wish I hadn’t as it was so rich i thought i’d spew hehe.

I am still at Karen’s as I write this and should have left hours ago, but i have a combination of not wanting and not having the energy to go.  I’ve done the journey so much now that it bores me! :o(  The M25! yuk!  But I really should go soon as I start work at 6am tomorrow morning and its at least an hours drive, if not more back to Milton Keynes.

Well that’s ittill nexttime, cos if I don’t go now, I never will !!

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