8 Responses to Manky, Whoops! & Sale!

  1. Oh cheer up……….. at least you have a job and you aren’t being bombed by Isreal or Hamas ;o)

  2. how can you not notice a substantial piece of body work flapping around!!
    and yes you are being picked on!! i only say that in hope you dont try to run me over again!! tempteing target i know!! i still cant believe that old bloke called us 3 shits!!

  3. Professional Matt: What I’m about to say to you comes from deep, deep within my heart… You are a knob!

    Lee: Yeah, but the old bloke was spot on wasn’t he! LOL

  4. I work for Arriva in Croydon, we have a few “S” registered (from 1998), but nothing from the “L” vintage.

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