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It’s time for another round of the ARRIVA Employee Photo Competition and I’ve been out and about today with a couple of buses, I need to select 2 from the photos below and I want your help. Please leave a comment on the one(s) you like the best. Thanks 🙂

(Please note various poles and telegraph lines etc need to be removed before being entered)



Line100 – Chearsley

IMG 1160

Line100 – dafs 1


Line100 – dafs 2


Line100 – Dafs 3


Multiple Red Route 9’s

4 Responses to Your Views Please

  1. Tuts………….. he demands yet more comments about buses!!!! Ok well……. depends on if the pic main POI is the bus or the daffs….dafs1 or 2. for 1 I like the angle of the dangle of the bus, so to speak, and the dafs are the sharp focus. Dafs 2 I like the bus driver in it…well the fact there IS a driver in it I personally dont know the driver.unless its you hehehehe. I’m sure for the price of a bottle of voddie you’ll get some mug to do some photoshoppery for you ;o)

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