Well just looked at the date of the last posting! Has it really been that long?!?!?!?

Now of course i’ve gotta add a pretty good posting or you’ll think i’m boring as hell <gg>



Well my little internet venture is going from strength to strength. I’m currently in the process of moving it over to one of my sites to combine the two.  That way it’ll be much easier to update either sites, and gives it a more powerfull brand, as the site it’s being moved to is very well known in the “Bus World”.


Well MK Metro didn’t last long.  Was there about 9 weeks.  It was supposed to be the great fresh start away from ARRIVA, but of course it didn’t work out like that.  There were two main reasons why I left.  Firstly the Bus Station.. Well it’s called The Bus Station, and that’s excatly what it was many moons ago, but now barely any buses stop there to pick up passengers.  It’s mainly used now as a drivers canteen, although the public can still use the facilities.  What got me about the place was the smell… The Cafe in the middle of the station obviously had no ventilation so whatever they were frying (I dont think they cooked anything any other way!) would waft out into the seating area.  This was all you got every time you went in there, a stench of grease!! Just couldn’t cope with it.   Secondly was the people, don’t get me wrong a few were fine, It just seemed to be most of them were sooooo hard to talk to or get a conversation going.  I just couldn’t be doing with it so.. that was that! LOL.  I left, One of the bosses asked me three times to stay cos i was “good”, but I just kept thinking back to that stinky bus station and knew I couldn’t put up with it every day.   So what do i do now??  well…..


That’s right!  I’ve gone full circle in the past 3 1/2 years and am now back at Parcelforce.  First day there was like I had never left, Everyone was friendly new and old workmates alike, so I’m really enjoying it at present.

Can’t think of anything else to add at the moment, but when I do i’ll do another post.

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