Why oh why oh why

I can’t believe we are getting rid of this…..




for this “thing”….


5104 3

I really do wonder how we get to these decisions, No doubt made by somebody so far removed from the depot that they’ve probably not seen a bus LOL

9 Responses to Why oh why oh why

  1. This Flagship vehicle was the pride of Aylesbury garage during the X15 MK to Reading days you should feel very honour to have a part of Aylesbury’s Depot fine history…Mr Tucker will be wanting to drive it all the time LOL

  2. well said Les that is a class vehicle! long live Leyland Limpalongs………..you’re always moaning Mr Smith

  3. You’re correct Les……WAS!! It’s a bloody awful bus now! Anyway, I’m getting sick of your Aylesbury Crap making it’s way over here. lol

  4. fuck knows, cos it needs refulling mid way thru the day, silly really, cos if they jus fixed the problem, or jus stuck it on 5s so it can nip wolvi and get filled up would be fine.

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