Why do people think they can get on my bus and make hurtful comment about my Psoriasis/Skin?!

Why do I take these comments to heart and end up getting myself into a state over them?!

Why do I put up with all the headaches, Felling sick, Slow killing of my liver and all the other side effects these tablets bring in the quest for Clear skin?!

Why, after having Psoriasis for 16 years, Have I still not come to terms with the fact I’ll have it for the rest of my life?!

Why can’t I accept that, at the moment, This is the best my skin is ever going to be?!

Why, even with a number of friends saying they are here for me, Can I not actually tell them what’s upset me?!

Why do I continue to bother with this job, When this same thing happens every few months?!

Why, Lately, Do I seem to be so depressed/emotional (tablets again) and crying over nothing?!


Why me?!

Basically, WHY?!


(I don’t expect people to comment, I just needed to get that out there! Will probably delete this later)

7 Responses to Why?!

  1. They have no job, no life and i bet they were using a free pass. Just tell them where to go and F$%K themselves. They are gutted that, what you earn in a week, takes them a few months on benefit. James, you the MAN 😀

  2. Do not let the low life get to you….Smile and think that you have a choice..they do not …you will going home in a skoda sport…not public transport

  3. If you can get a Pic of any of the culprits next time i do a 777 nat express service through MK on a wet day i’ll make sure ill splash them. Keep ya head up mate

  4. You have 2 choices here! Let these imbeciles get to you or rise above it……..next time they say something, just tell em if they feel uncomfortable you don’t mind waiting till they get off to wait for the next bus…….however. if they decide to stay on, you don’t mind travelling with an ugly person.
    Stay in there kid xx

  5. Well you’re going to get a reply anyway……….

    1) because they are ignorant bullies, which you probably know anyway but every now and again any sane rational person asks “why do people pick on me because I wear glasses? Am short? Am different?”

    2) because no matter how many times your mother state “sticks and stones” if it is something that is personal to you it hurts and you will always take it to heart… take it from a short, hairy, flat-chested person who occasionally gets coldsores …..;o) anyone fancy a date LOLOL

    3) because not having clear skin brings it’s own irritations ( no pun intended) and everyone lives in the hope that one day a medical cure will be just that and with limited/no side effects (some hope)

    4) It is human nature to not accept things

    5) Becuase no-one likes to reveal themselves totally, we fear ridicule and non- acceptance and rejection…and the inability to trust. How many times have you told a person something thinking it would never go any further…but it has? Thoughts in my head drive me to distraction but sharing what is REALLY affecting me….that I’d never tell.

    6) It pays the bills, 90% ot the time you enjoy it and getting into something new is too much effort… especially in this current climate….

    7) Tablets…….winter…and……. you ain’t seen me for ages ;oD

  6. Don’t let it get to you love. Next time someone is horrible to ya think of me and the following facts-
    1 Everytime i laugh, sneeze or cough i do i little wee (thank the lord for tena lady)
    2 I have to pluck hairs out of my chin on a daily basis
    3 I bic my moustache off
    See honey, none of us are perfect!!!
    Oh and
    4 I love yooooooooooooou xxxxxxx

  7. Hey you, i know its easy for us to sit here and say ‘they’re a bunch of arseholes, take no notice’ – that doesn’t stop it hurting, it doesn’t stop it affecting your self esteem. But I’ll still say it ‘they’re a bunch of arseholes, take no notice’.. we love you anyway. xxx

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