Why do people think they can get on my bus and make hurtful comment about my Psoriasis/Skin?!

Why do I take these comments to heart and end up getting myself into a state over them?!

Why do I put up with all the headaches, Felling sick, Slow killing of my liver and all the other side effects these tablets bring in the quest for Clear skin?!

Why, after having Psoriasis for 16 years, Have I still not come to terms with the fact I’ll have it for the rest of my life?!

Why can’t I accept that, at the moment, This is the best my skin is ever going to be?!

Why, even with a number of friends saying they are here for me, Can I not actually tell them what’s upset me?!

Why do I continue to bother with this job, When this same thing happens every few months?!

Why, Lately, Do I seem to be so depressed/emotional (tablets again) and crying over nothing?!


Why me?!

Basically, WHY?!


(I don’t expect people to comment, I just needed to get that out there! Will probably delete this later)

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