Travelling to The Foo Fighters Concert at Milton Keynes Bowl

The Foo Fighters play Milton Keynes Bowl this Saturday (2nd July). If you are coming by public transport, Then you need to know that Thames Valley Police do not allow any buses to drop off at the Bowl itself. Buses and coaches are normally directed to the Old Bus Station, Oppisite the Central Rail Station. You then need to walk along Cycle route 51 to the bowl, It is well signposted, and usually heavily supervised along its entire route.


Route 51 Highlighted in Red

If you are arriving by National Express coach, You will most likely be dropped off at Milton Keynes Coachway. From here you can catch the Service 300 to the Central Rail Station, But please remember the last bus back in the evening is 2258, and that the bus will obviously only have a limited amount of space.


If you are travelling by Rail, Walking Route 51 starts right outside the station. Turn right as soon as you exit the station, Walk untill you get to the end of the building and turn right onto the footbridge across the railway line, Then follow the Route 51 signs from there. When returning at the end of the concert, London Midland normally operate a queuing system outside the station. Please bear in mind that the last “all stations” train is at 2311, and the last “fast” train to London is at 2346. The train company have been known at the last minute to provide extra services, But nothing is currently available on their website.

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