"Thiiings…. Can only get Beeetttteeeerrrrr…"

Well Things seem to be getting a little more organised and looking up. 

I’ve taken on a part time job with a company called the “Mitie Group”  they do contract cleaning for companies n stuff.  I’m working in the payroll office in Milton Keynes every other sunday. 

This is thanks to Karen’s Sister-in-Law who’s the payroll manager :o)  Which also means i get a warm welcome as I already knew somebody there.  Everyone thats there is really nice and chatty, with the office being very relaxed, but that doesnt mean noone works lol.  Theres loads to do!

So as I said this job is part time…. But this weekend ive been there all three days as I was off from ARRIVA.  So in total i’ve done 32 hours!!  LOL, so much for part time!! hehe.

But the important bit is I now have extra money coming in, which is gonna be a god send with how it’s been of late.  My first wage (due on friday) will actually allow me to go to manchester for the meetup, which i’m really looking forward too,  I need a night out/weekend away… I haven’t been out properly since the last time i met up with this group of friends so i’m really looking forward to it.


I have agreed into a payment plan with the Co-op over my credit card with them.  The good thing about the plan i’ve gone for is that as long as i pay the extra over my limit within three months, nothing goes on my credit file, which is the last thing I want!! So thats good.  I even have the first payment ready!! lol.. I’m getting so organised now! heheh

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