Yawning?? You will be!!

Absolutely nothing exciting has happened this week, So I’m gonna blog about all the boring things that have happened instead.. I can tell you are all excited already.

I only broke down once this week which is quite amazing. One of my wipers flew off the side of the windscreen and got stuck. Arriva fitters are so great that this is the result 5 minutes after my wipers were fixed..


(Yes I’m that sad that I video’d it). Once the decent MK Metro fitters came out to it, It took 2 minutes to fix and was fine the rest of the day 🙂

I’ve been totally addicted to Facebook this past week, Updating my status nearly hourly and getting annoyed that my friends on there haven’t updated as regular as me. I really do wish o2 would do another special deal with free facebook access.

I’ve finally dumped my contract mobile with Three. I’m now on Pay & Go with o2 which I think is far better value for money, Plus it all helps in my quest to remove as many bills as possible from dropping through the door. I now only have the Capital One Credit Card, o2 Broadband and Sky TV Bills arriving, and I hope to have the Capital One gone within the next 3 weeks.

Now that I’ve left Three, What a surprise that my phone has now developed a fault! I can’t send Text messages on my Nokia N95, It just keeps saying “failed” almost instantly. I’ve googled the error message and it seems a few people have had this problem. The solution? Have the phone replaced under contract! Great!! So now I’m using this brick thing for the time being…..


It’s rather huge!! It’s was the 2nd 3G Video phone I’ve had and it seemed quite feature packed at the time.. How things change. LOL

I think I’m gonna change the style of my blog and do one big post each week rather than little bits here n there, What do you think?

The banking saga continues, (I can already hear Lynne moaning!). First blogged about in November 2006, I’ve given up with the Citibank Delta Card account and, seeing as my credit record is shot to pieces, I can’t get a “proper” bank account with anyone I’m just gonna stick with this Low-Life-Poor-Commoner Electron thing.

I’m on holiday this week so I would prepare yourself for an even more exciting post next time as I can’t see anything interesting happening.