Me trying to be arty with my camera the other day…

2007 04080004

2007 04080008

2007 04080007

And here is a child with rather weird/bad hair!


It has this rather huge lumpage of hair at the front for some reason. Most odd!

EDIT @ 15/04/07 – 2007 – Pixelated baby’s face.

2 Responses to Photos

  1. Perhaps said child has said huge lumpage of hair due to a wish to express it’s individuality 😀 I like number 2 and 3, 1 just looks like it’s a bit blurred to me. Is that constructive? (please bear in mind that I know nothing about arty or photography lol)

  2. Well yes and no LOL Because my camera isn’t something flash is just has its autofocus and i assume that it focused on the football and book.. Saying that I quite like how they came out so will just say that I did it on purpose lol

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