Passenger Conversations Part 11

Girl: Do you goto Greenleys?

Me: No, The 12 doesn’t go there at night, you need a 2E

Girl: Greenleys?!

Me: No, You need a 2E at night

Girl: ohh…

Me: The 2E to Greenleys goes from stop 37

Girl: OK <<Continues to wait at stop 34>>

Me: <<Gives up and drives off>>

2 Responses to Passenger Conversations Part 11

  1. Well guess she was there a long while lol.

    Can you ansewr a question?
    on the 44 if you catch it they want 50p?
    Do you get coffee for it!
    I do have a monthly so as bus was there in 10 mins just waited.

    Also the 4 and 4a as in Bletchley bothare the same just our end they are not the same which is annoying seeing so many 5’s going the same way!
    Is it that unsafed still?

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