Out with the old…

I’ve been working on a little shopping site for a while now and this weekend I’ve given it a little makeover. I started it as a place for me to earn commission on things I buy online, and also told a few friends about it.

It seems that people I don’t know are now finding it, Hence the update.

As part of the package of advertising the various retailers, They send me discount codes on almost a daily basis.

If anyones interested in receiving a email now n then with the latest money off codes then leave a comment on this post, making sure that you enter your email address in the right place (Don’t worry only I see that bit) and I’ll add you.

If you want to see the site it’s at http://www.mkmarket.co.uk Be warned it’s very basic and unpretty at the moment, But it should all work. Also if there’s a shop you normally use that’s not on there let me know and I’ll see if I can add them 🙂

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