:-o Another (sortof) Non bus Blog post!!

Sometimes do you just feel like your life goes round in circles, with nothing noteworthy happening. Just the same routine day in day out?? That’s how it’s felt for a couple of months for me, which I’m using as an excuse for the lack of blog updates. 😛


So what has been going on?? Bugger all !!!


I am still taking my Psoriasis tablets, Acitretin. It’s been a good 18 months now that I’ve been on them, photoand they are still sort of working, not as well as when I first started them but they are just about holding it back. I still have the occasional incident where there’s red patches on me arms that embarass me a bit, But it’s not too bad….. I’ve even got to wear shorts this summer!! This might not sound like a big deal, But it’s been 15 years since my legs have been clear enough for me to have the courage to wear them outside, This little fact is a really big thing for me, probably the best thing that’s happened from this medication.




photo (3)


The downside though is the side effects which have really started to come into force of late, The worst ones at the moment are the shoulder pain and mood swings. I feel like whenever someone asks me whats wrong and I just say “it’s my tablets” it’s like I’m using it as an excuse for everything that goes wrong with me and they are like “yeah whatever” and roll their eyes, but it really is the tablets! I feel like I moan on and on about my medication, and I guess I do, but it really really has given me alot more confidence to do stuff.




photo (1)



Work was fun on Thursday, To start with I had a bus where the Destination blind was stuck on “A – PRIVATE-SHUTTLE” when I was actually on route 8.

This meant stopping at every stop and shouting “EIGHT!!” at people LOL. No wonder people put their hands out at buses when they have Not In Service or Shuttle on the front!



photo (2)




and then for the second half of my shift the Bus decided to break down right by a junction with lots of people moaning and buses struggling to get past… What a fun fun day that was LOL.




photo (4)




and now today, the bad news, My car’s broke 🙁

Turbo went “pop” and now it’s sat at the dealers… The problem being that the Warranty runs out on Wednesday!! Hoping they don’t try to weasel out of doing anything :-/







the most exciting thing of late was being on the Telly at Big Brother! Woo!!!

This is ‘Banking Clara’, She is the other half of Professional Matt…..

photo (5)

That’s me, Banking Clara and Professional Matt with the “Where’s the Shuttle?” banner 🙂

100 0374


Well that’s all I can think about putting here for now, see you in 6 months! LOL

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