More transfers in

A few transfers in to us ate starting to appear as we start to transfer out most off our solo’s.
This bus, 3513 was collected from Watford today and will be on the streets of MK as soon as it’s been converted to single door and painted green.. Two similar buses are already done and just waiting for destination blinds.


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    • Richard, I wouldn’t go as far as to call Solos Lovely!! But yes there have been a number of transfers into MK from other depots of late, Partly engineering costs for the Solo’s and needing increased passenger capacity.

    • Apparently they have high running costs here more than at other depots that have them. The “new” and long wheelbase ones will be staying though.

  1. What will the plan be the new additions to the fleet? Which routes with Solo’s will they replace?

    Also which Solo routes will remain?

    • No plans as of yet Richard, I think it will just be general use, Apart from 2’s which need to have a specific type of vehicle.

  2. Hi All, I have never posted to this blog before but i am eager to find out what has happened to some Arriva MK buses, the DVLA site shows them as still taxed, where are they : KU02JXT blue Solo that had fire damage, green SLF Dart HDZ2607, Arriva livery SLF Dart HDZ2611. Has the last red/blue DAF YJ07JVF been painted yet? Havent seen it for ages. many many thanks & best regards

    • Richard,
      KU02JXT is still in the yard being repaired, but I think once it’s finished it’s off to Hemel,
      HDZ2607 is sat at the back of the yard, as is HDZ2611.
      YJ07JVF is due to be repainted any day now!

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