More on the orange Trident

It seems that the Trident fire was very serious, There’s barely anything left of it, and the road had to be resurfaced today, Picture below.




On a happier note, here’s a few of our 11 new solos for the 1’s, 2’s and 7’s…


3 Responses to More on the orange Trident

  1. Shame MK Metro cant keep their branded buses on the correct route as yesterday – Dec 3rd – one of the new solos for Routes 1 & 2 was working services 9 and 16

    Not uncommon as many times have seen this along with Beavers working Route 4 while larger and longer vehicles are trying to pick their way through the estates pn routes totally unsuited to them like the 15 and 16 etc

  2. bloody hell! I am so glad that no-one was hurt in that fire. Its scary to think that a fire can do so much damage in such little time. I always wondered why it still smelt of burning!

  3. There is, I’m told, a lot of inter-working between branded and non-branded routes. Thus, I don’t understand why everything didn’t remain in blue and yellow (or go to beige and turquoise, I suppose).

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